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    What's Left of Us is a Dungeons & Dragons liveplay series, streamed on Twitch.tv on the last Friday of every month. Extra content appears on Youtube and in Podcast form linked below.The cast of six players includes Zoe Bee, WildJinx, Ron MegaRon, ThoughtSlime, TheStarfishface, and DM Jaycorn.All official character art was done by @Klyonsmith on Twitter!Discuss the series online with #WhatsLeftOfUs!

    The Setting

    The year is 1491 DR, and the Sword Coast of Faerûn has been enjoying a few years of relative peace. The vast majority of citizens are blissfully unaware of any catastrophes brewing, as a robust system of agents and adventuring mercenaries keep the peace. New towns and Baronies have been founded, trade routes are flourishing, and large-scale conflict has all but disappeared... for the moment.But there's change on the wind, barely felt even by those accustomed to bedlam. But little signs, small ripples herald something... wrong. And it all begins in the wealthy town of Loudwater, where a new invention promises to change travel for the citizens of Faerûn forever.

    The Party

    Timtam Butterball (she/her)

    played by Zoe Bee (She/Her)

    A young gnomish artificer, Tim is on the hunt for her missing parents. Sheltered and curious, this inventor has found her way to Loudwater, looking for clues.Zoe Bee is an English Youtube essayist, discussing various aspects of english language studies while dodging her cats. You can find her with the links above.

    Maldrus (they/them)

    played by WildJinx (she/her)

    A reclusive shapeshifter rogue, Maldrus is laying low after a botched job, and searching for the person who left them for dead. Loudwater was a safe place to hide, but hiding isn't finding vengeance; so they're on the move again.WildJinx is a Twitch streamer and crafter, making maille jewelry and cross-stitched items on camera, as well as gaming. You can find her with the links above.

    Rathgrithr (she/her)

    played by ThoughtSlime (any/all)

    The mighty half-orc hero, Rathgrithr is on walkabout, wandering the lands of Faerûn in search of greater feats to add to her story. And though she has come to Loudwater searching for just such an adventure, something horrible eats at her mind...ThoughtSlime is a political essayist on Youtube, but they also run a horror film critique channel called Scardey Cats and stream on Twitch. You can find them with the links above.

    Vernon Fleming (he/him)

    played by Ron MegaRon (he/him)

    The slick and dashing human warlock, Vernon has a problem. Drifting from town to town, selling whatever he can, running whatever cons he can pull off, has landed him in Loudwater with a store of his own. But, nothing comes without a price, and his new patron is hungry...Ron MegaRon is a content creator on Twitch, playing games and doing graphic design. You can find him with the links above.

    Emery Black (she/her)

    played by TheStarfishface (she/her)

    The angry tiefling fighter Emery has a plan. She's been wandering the Sword Coast for months, learning under various masters; and has landed in Loudwater. It's almost time for her to move on, and Waterdeep is in her sights.TheStarfishface makes a webcomic called Castoff, but she also streams on Twitch, makes videos on Youtube and TikTok, co-hosts an anime podcast, and has written a book! You can find her with the links above.

    The Story So Far...

    ACT 1 (Ep. 1-4)The Party began their journey in the town of Loudwater - a decadent town sequestered in the foothills of the Sword Coast's Grey Peak Mountains. A new invention, the Railed Carriage, was attracting many travellors; and though each had their own reasons, our party members all found themselves aboard the maiden voyage of The Chariot.That first night, however, was cut short by calamity. An explosion tore the vehicle to pieces, killing all aboard. In the nightmare realm of the Etheral Plane, our party were confronted with visions of their past and future, before being deposited back in to the Merchant Class car of the Chariot- now transformed into the Mourning Rail - a plane of dread whose sole purpose is to outrun the calamity that consumed it.Over the course of several days - each ending in fiery doom, and more Ethereal visions - the party came together, and solved they mystery of their own deaths. The curse broken, The Chariot separated its fate from the Mourning Rail, and trundled safely to Waterdeep.ACT 2 (Ep. 5-8)The party, having won no small amount of fame from averting disaster on The Chariot, now separate; each having their own motives in Waterdeep.Emery seeks out the famed Spellsword, Greta of the Northwood, to learn the secrets of being an Eldritch Knight. Maybe her new power will help her save her Uncle, who is being framed for attempted murder.Vernon contacts the secret society he has been tasked with working for by Granny Gunnaise, and satiates his appetite - for now.Maldrus is deeply confused about their experiences aboard The Chariot, and seeks council at the Temple of the Raven Queen. There they find answers, and a new spirit friend to help them.Timtam immediately heads to Danger Alley, her mind abuzz with a new idea. There, she meets the half-ogre Grunn, who helps her fit the last pieces in place to create true life - and the universe notices.Rathgrithr wanders the town, sowing stories and solidifying her reputation as a very real adventurer. Though some people are less convinced, the famed barbarian is adamant that she's real.Our party members are pulled from their own personal quests by the feeling of Tim's achievement; the creation of life literally rippling through the Weave. They rush to Danger Alley to find her, compare notes, and - after some interrogation - decide to help Emery spring her Uncle from captivity.Using some colourful contacts, Maldrus is able to secure information and a distraction for the team; while the others use combinations of magical artifacts and personal skill to successfully enter the manor.It takes some convincing, but Emery's pragmatic uncle is convinced to trust the party, and reveals he's had a clever escape plan the whole time. He's upset about having to use it so soon, but he whisks the party away through the sewers and out of the City.Once out of Waterdeep, Emery an Ulrich swap news, and agree to work together to thwart the imposter Lady Arsolene - some whom Emery has mysterious ties to.But Waterdeep is a little hot right now, and after a small debate about their next destination the party chooses to head for the mountain village of Velasso.ACT 3 (Ep. 9-?)On the way to the village, the party notices that the mountain is actually a volcano - and it appears to be active.Once they reach Velasso itself, the party talks with the town leader - Doge Rodiccio - and discovers that they are in the midst of a stressful evacuation.The mountain is erupting more than usual and they don't know why - they've been cut off from Temma village further up the slope, and haven't heard from the monks at the temple near the caldera in days.The party agrees to help complete various tasks for the townsfolk to help them prepare to leave - like scouting a pass that might help reach Temma.Here the party encounters horrific undead, bursting from the semi-cooled lava flows, burning and angry.During the fighting, Emery is struck a grievous blow, which activates a terrifying core of energy buried in her chest that makes her go wild - slashing out at friend and foe, before collapsing exhausted after the fight is over.But she's not the only one with a secret.After the party returns down the mountain to make a rest, they decide to attempt to clear the barricade run by bandits who are blocking the road to the East - the only route safe for the villagers to fee. Timtam sends Sparks to see if anyone is alive up the slope in Temma, while the party turns their attention eastwards.The party plans carefully, and engages with the upper hand - swiftly dealing with the bandits. But during the fighting, Vernon loses control, and briefly transforms into a crab-like monstrosity.The party has questions, at least two of their number have control issues, and one is likely marked by the Gods for daring to do what mortals should not - create life.As Sparks McBarks brings a desperate message to the group from trapped villagers at Temma; the volcano rumbles - and belches even more lava.The party makes the fateful decision to trek up the mountain with Sergeant Fint - hoping to save anyone standed in the village of Temma.They indeed found the ragged survivors, huddling in the scorched remains of the farming village. Their local druid - the Demitae Rhiannon - had been keeping the Flowborne away using a broken old warding stone.With night closing in fast, the party hunkered down, ready to fight off the waves of magma-infused undead.The fighting was deadly. Waves of the undead clawed at our heroes - injuries pushing Sparks McBarks to the brink - and with our fiery tiefling Emery choosing to lose herself to the ravages of the Black Heart.But as the ash settled, all was well - physically at least. The party is shaken to its core with this near-death experience. Rathgrithr has a revelation, Vernon is wracked with guilt, Timtam is relieved to have her dog safe, Maldrus wonders why her spirit Randy is terrified of Emery, and Emery herself finally weeps under the pressure.Our heroes share a quiet embrace, and turn to climb the slope to the monastery at the caldera. Maybe together they can stop a catastrophic eruption from destroying much of Faerun...